The Acorn Journey at Dalkeith Country Park

Dalkeith Country Park is home to the last remnants of the ancient forest of the Lothians. Find out how our Park team are growing the diversity of the Old Oak Woodland through the use of our very own acorns.

Image by @lagomdream

The acorn journey

A Heritage Tree Hotspot

Dalkeith Country Park has been revealed as a heritage tree hotspot after experts recorded 500 ancient, veteran and notable oaks over the last year.

Ten Woodland Trust Scotland volunteers took to The Old Oak Wood to complete the marathon mission. Over the course of 14 recording days, the volunteers had to measure, photograph and log exact GPS locations of these heritage trees.

More than 500 trees were recorded, nearly all of them stunning and characterful pedunculate oaks. 100 were deemed ancient, 300 veteran and 100 notable.

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