Spring at Dalkeith Country Park

Spring has sprung at Dalkeith Country Park! The flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing and the days are getting longer. Find out what to look out for and do at The Park this spring.

Image by: @philipstewartphoto

Spring in Scotland
Springtime flowers at Dalkeith Country Park

Blooming Beautiful

Springtime Flowers

As we wave goodbye to the early bloomers – snowdrops – we say hello to The Park daffodils. Very soon we will be seeing vibrant daffodils glowing yellow across the woodland floors. Joining us sooner than we think are bluebells, which will arrive mid-May. These beautiful little blooms are fragile so when they make their appearance, make sure to stick to the paths so you don’t trample them.

Woodland Wildlife

We will begin to see lots of little creatures emerging from their cosy winter homes. Hedgehogs, dormice, butterflies and ladybirds are just some of the wildlife that will be coming out of their winter slumber to forage on the woodland floor. Whilst they may be hard to spot they are definitely out there so keep your eyes peeled.

Nesting Jay at Dalkeith Country Park

Birds & Bees

Buzzing Bees

Now that our springtime flowers are blooming the bees are also emerging to seek out some sweet nectar. You will most likely see honey bees, carpenter bees and the good old bumble bee buzzing about your gardens. Why not plant some wildflowers in your garden to help our fuzzy friends out – after all, they do a lot for us!

Busy Birds

The Park has a whole variety of trees within it’s SSSI woodland, some of which are almost 1000 years old, this makes it the perfect location for the birds to find their nesting site to lay their eggs. You’ll see our feathered friends collecting and flying round with sticks, moss and mud in their beaks to make sturdy nests for their fledglings soon to come.

Things to do this spring at Dalkeith Country Park

There’s definitely no shortage of things to do this spring at Dalkeith Country Park. We have a whole host of events for you to get excited about. Whether it’s an art exhibition that catches your eye or letting loose under the spring sunshine, we’ve got the perfect event for you. Find the one for you in our 2024 events calendar.

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