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Historic Connections – Discover Dalkeith

Explore the strong historic connections between Dalkeith Country Park and the town of Dalkeith during your visit. With its beautiful buildings anlandscape, the Park is home to a rich tapestry of tales. However, they only tell part of the story of Dalkeith; a small town with a big history. From Romans and railways to royal processions, busy industries and farming riches to gruesome hangings and burning witches, the town and its country park have seen it all. 

Surrounded by rich, fertile land, Dalkeith once hosted the biggest grain market in Scotland and was the site of the country’s first railway. It has played a prominent role in local government and industry and, on two occasions, the whole of Scotland was ruled from Dalkeith. 

‘Few towns are better supplied with bread, butcher-meat, groceries and garden produce. We have an extensive iron foundry, a gas works, a brewery, several curriers and tanners; manufacturers of felt and beaver hats, straw hats, and woollen stuffs. The town is well-paved and lighted, and kept exceedingly clean.’ 

(Excerpt describing Dalkeith from The New Statistical Account of Scotland, 1845) 

Explore Historic Connections between Park and Town and Discover Dalkeith

The town and its country park are both filled with clues that reveal their historic connections. Enjoy our suggested walking tour from Dalkeith Country Park into town and uncover intriguing hidden histories as you go.

Discover Dalkieth Walking Tour Map

Brush up your knowledge with our historic connections timeline:

Discover Dalkeith Historic Timeline

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