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Car Parking

Car Parking

Help Keep Dalkeith Country Park Beautiful

If you are arriving at Dalkeith Country Park by car, there are two car parks for visitors to use. However, like many outdoor attractions, we have seen a huge influx of cars & visitors during the pandemic. This is having a significant impact on our car parks, roads and pathways. To help address this impact, we have decided to invest in a new car park and upgrade some of our pathways and other infrastructure. This will be funded through the introduction of a daily £3 parking fee from 20th April 2021.

Investing in the Future

All funds raised from the car parking charge will be invested directly into improving the Park and we hope to create an enhanced visitor experience for all – making your visit to the Park safer, healthier and more enjoyable and helping protect the environment for years to come. Your support is much appreciated.

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You can pay for parking on arrival or you can purchase parking prior to your visit.

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Parking FAQs:

How will I pay for car parking?

A friendly member of our team will take your payment via a handheld contactless machine. Payment will not be made at the gates, to avoid queues, but it will be taken as you journey in towards the car parks. Cash payment is not currently possible. You can purchase parking before your visit, here.

What if I don’t want to pay it?

Don’t worry you will be directed to a safe route back out of the Park by a member of our team.

How long is it valid for?

The £3.00 parking charge will last for the whole day. There is no overnight parking in the Park, so cars will need to leave no later than 7pm.

Is there a parking charge membership option?

Yes, you can purchase a Friends of Dalkeith Oak Membership. One of the benefits is free parking when visiting the Park.

Is there a different charge for camper vans and larger personal use vehicles?

No, all vehicles will pay a flat fee.

Why are you now charging for parking when you weren’t before?

Like many outdoor attractions on the fringes of Edinburgh, we have seen a huge influx of visitors by car during the pandemic. This is impacting both the visitor experience and park environment. By introducing a parking charge we hope to control the number of cars, and provide an enhanced experience of the Park. All the funds raised through the parking charge will be reinvested directly into the infrastructure to improve the roads and car parking facilities.

Do Fort Douglas membership card holders need to pay?

Yes, our 2021 memberships are now live and do not include car parking.

Will local postcodes be exempt?

No. We recently invested significantly in creating a safe pedestrian entryway and pathway into the Park from the town. We are encouraging locals to use this so as to significantly reduce the numbers of vehicles. This will make it a safer, more enjoyable experience for all as well as help protect the Park’s nature for future generations to enjoy.

Will Blue Badge Holders be exempt from the charge?

Blue Badge Holders won’t have to pay for parking in the first phase, however this will be reviewed if and when we get car parking barriers in place.

Will I still have to pay if I spend money at Restoration Yard or Fort Douglas?

Yes, the charges will apply to everyone. The only exception to this is for people using our campsite this summer and Fort Douglas membership holders.

Will the payment method change in the future?

We are hoping to get barriers installed later this year, at which point you will pay for your parking at the exit barrier or at a payment machine.

Will commercial dog walkers also pay the daily rate?

We are in the process of introducing a commercial business license which you will be able to purchase. More information will follow shortly.

If I am collecting or dropping off my child at Chapter One nursery do I need to pay?

No, there is no charge to drop off or collect from the nursery.