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Go Ape at Dalkeith Country Park

Go Ape at Dalkeith Country Park

Go Ape has arrived at Dalkeith Country Park! Get ready for tree top adventures, adrenaline rushes and spectacular views as you whizz down the zip lines.  

Embrace adventure and take family days out to a whole new height!  And it’s not just the grown ups that can have all the fun ~ Go Ape are introducing their first Scottish Treetop Adventure course for children over 1m tall.

Choose the experience that’s right for you:

Treetop Adventure

Scotland’s first ever Treetop Adventure! This high rope experience designed for all children over 1m tall is fun for the entire family. No one will get left behind as little monkeys find their tree-feet on crossings, climbing towers and, most importantly, ZIPS! Book here.

Treetop Adventure Plus

This course is designed for children over 6 years (if 1.2m+) and includes all the fun and excitement of Treetop Adventure but adds an extra dash of challenge. Higher above the ground with extra wobble, you’ll have to master tricky crossings before soaring down zip wires over the River Esk. Book your Treetop Adventure Plus here.

Treetop Challenge

Specifically designed so that you can tailor your thrill level, Treetop Challenge at Dalkeith is equally ideal for families with older children, adult only groups, those finding their head for heights or bold adventurers. Unlike our other Scottish locations Dalkeith uses a continuous belay safety system meaning anyone over 1.4m can take part, regardless of their age. Book your Treetop Challenge here.

So push out of your comfort zone, embrace adventure and gather your tribe to experience Go Ape in the stunning outdoor location of Dalkeith Country Park.

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