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Bike rides for big and little people

If you’re searching for traffic-free cycling routes in Edinburgh and Midlothian, Dalkeith Country Park is the perfect place to bring your bike. The roads are wide, there are very few hills and Restoration Yard is ideally situated to help you refuel (or should we say restore) afterwards. Whether you’re looking for a short family cycling route or some time out to yourself, you’ll find the park is a very special place to be.

Waymarked cycling

You’ll find a gorgeous cycling route that goes almost all the way round the park, called the ‘Estate Cycle’. This is marked with green wayfinders and is about 6km in length. If you’re feeling extra adventurous try the extension of this route – the North Wood Walk (dotted green waymarkers). This is best for mountain bikes and hybrids as it does not have a surfaced path. You can download a PDF of the route here.

Nearby cycling routes

If you’re cycling to Dalkeith, you can pick up on the nearby Esk Valley Cycleway (mainly traffic free), which pops down to the coastal town of Musselburgh, or the National Route 196, a lovely off-road path that heads out into the rolling farmland by Ormiston and East Saltoun. Visit Sustrans for more information on these routes.

Opening times and prices

Walking routes