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Archery FAQs

Archery FAQs

Q. Is archery dangerous?

Archery clearly has the potential to be dangerous. That is why there are simple but fundamental rules governing the standard of knowledge and conduct in the setting up of targets and shooting. It is actually one of the safest sports practiced in the UK today. In fact you are more likely to get hurt pulling arrows from the target than anything else!

Q. Am I too old for archery?

There is no maximum age for archery and plenty of people take up the sport after retiring.

Q. What is the minimum age for an archer?

This is linked to ability to draw the bow and loose the arrow rather than age. Primal have bows of varying draw weight and the minimum age is 6 years of age.

Q. I have poor eyesight, can I still do archery?

Yes. It is a common misconception that good eyesight is required. In fact, some argue that poorer eyesight will improve your shooting as the archer will focus less on aiming and more on technique (the more important part of archery).

Q. I have access requirements, can I still shoot?

Yes, within certain physical parameters, we are able to help people with access requirements become archers, provided they are supported by a carer depending on the level of assistance needed. If you have any questions about accessibility, please call 07875667958.

Q. What is draw length?

Draw length is the distance from the throat of the bow handle to the string at full draw. This will be different for each archer due to the length of their arms and size of their chest. Draw length will determine the length of your arrows.

Q. What is draw weight?

Draw weight (sometimes known as ‘poundage’) is the force needed to pull the bowstring to a certain draw length (usually full draw). The industry has a standard for comparison purposes which is measured in pounds at 28 inches, therefore, if a bow is rated at 30lbs draw weight, your fingers will be holding the equivalent of 30lbs of weight at 28″ draw. If your draw length is longer than 28″ you will increase the poundage on the same bow, if your draw length is less than 28″ you will decrease the poundage. ‘Heavier’ bows offer faster arrow speed, but will tire the archer more quickly, affecting ‘form’ and accuracy.

Q. What is form?

Form refers to the stance of an archer when they shoot. In simple terms, the ideal ‘form’ is to stand up straight, perpendicular to the target with an outstretched but slightly flexed bow arm and a horizontal and flexed bowstring arm. An archer at full draw will resemble the letter ‘T’. The trick is consistency as variations, particularly when the archer is tired, will cause inaccuracy.

Q. Can I hunt with a bow?

No, bow hunting is illegal in the UK. Attaching a broadhead to your arrow is also illegal.