Make 2nds Count

Dalkeith Country Park’s 2022/2023 charity partnership is Make 2nds Count.


Make 2nds Count

Make 2nds Count is a patient and family focused charity dedicated to giving hope to women and men living with secondary breast cancer. The Karen Henderson Legacy Fund, which is a part of Make 2nds Count, raises money in memory of Karen who was a dearly loved visitor to both the Park and our friends at Restoration Yard. Her fund runs as part of Make 2nds Count. The proceeds it raises are used directly to support specific Make 2nds Count projects that have been created to enhance the quality of life of secondary breast cancer patients.

It strives to do this by raising awareness and funding medical research that will contribute to advancing an increased quality of life for patients. The Make 2nds Count community programme supports patients and families affected by this incurable disease.

Secondary breast cancer, also known as metastatic, advanced or stage IV breast cancer, is a cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body. Parts of the body affected are usually the bones, liver, lungs, brain or the skin.

Secondary breast cancer can be treated but it cannot be cured. Treatments aim to control and slow down the disease to enable patients to have the best possible quality of life for as long as possible.


What We Will Do

As part of this charity partnership we want to help raise vital funds for Make 2nds Count and The Karen Henderson Legacy Fund. Help us do it. We have collection tins across Fort Douglas and within Restoration Yard‘s store and eateries for any loose change you can spare. You’ll also find signage around the Park and Restoration Yard with a QR code linking directly to the charity’s donation page.

Our friends at Restoration Yard will also be hosting a selection of fashion events throughout the year to raise funds specifically for The Karen Henderson Legacy Fund.

To find out about other ways we will be raising awareness and funds as part of our charity partnership – keep watching this space.

You can donate using the QR code on the image.

Karen Henderson

Karen's Legacy - Littlelifts Boxes

One of the Make 2nds Count initiatives run from The Karen Henderson Legacy Fund is Littlelifts Boxes. These boxes are packed full of mood boosting practical products for secondary breast cancer patients going through treatment. These have been re-branded to show they are from the KHLF and contain a couple of additional items “from Karen”

Karen was delighted when she received her Littlelifts box from Lisa & Make 2nds Count and she found the contents useful and beneficial. Funds raised by Dalkeith Country Park and Restoration Yard will help continue the provision of these wee ‘boosts in a box’ deliveries to those secondary breast cancer patients going through radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments.

Charity Partnership

How You Can Help

Collection tins for The Karen Henderson Legacy Fund can be found at our till points around Dalkeith Country Park and Restoration Yard. If you can spare some loose change every little bit does help. Where we can we will be fundraising for the charity throughout the year through our own events and, where possible, with our external event partners.

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