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Town Gate Temporary Closure

Town Gate Temporary Closure

2nd November, 2021

Temporary Gate Closures at Dalkeith Country Park

Town Gate Closed ~ Tuesday 9th & Wednesday 10th November

What’s happening? Town Gate will be closed to vehicles on the 9th & 10th November to allow for the completion of the renovation works to our beautiful Park entrance.

All vehicle access into Dalkeith Country Park will have to come via our entrance at King’s Gate. Exit from the Park will be directed out of Smeaton Gate, which is by the estate’s working farm, along the middle road. For safety turn left out of Smeaton Gate (it is a blind right turn) which will take you out on to Salters Road (A6094) where you can loop back through Dalkeith town or follow onto the A68 or A1 for Edinburgh City Bypass (A720). For specific locations of these gates you can also use What Three Words. For King’s Gate use jump.scope.labels and for Smeaton Gate use scatters.aware.proud.

Pedestrians will still be able to access the Park via Town Gate throughout the day. It is advised for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders to remain vigilant to increased traffic along the middle road as this will be the main route out of the Park for vehicles on these two days.

Dalkeith Country Park Map