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Summer at Dalkeith Country Park

Summer at Dalkeith Country Park

16th June, 2021

Summer has arrived at Dalkeith Country Park. With this new season comes warmer temperatures and noticeable change amongst the wildlife and nature across the Park. So, what to look out for, notice and appreciate over these summer months at the Park? We’re here to give you all of the top wildlife and nature tips for summer watch at Dalkeith Country Park.

Wildlife Watch

Summer at Dalkeith Country Park Summer at Dalkeith Country Park


They made a late appearance this year but our favourite sky dancers are back. Swallows have returned to the Park to settle down and breed. They love to swoop over the fields, fly low over the River Esk and dive amongst the long grass to catch insects to feed their hatchlings. Our fleeting friends can be difficult to spot as they dart around the skies. Keep a look out for metallic blue plumage, a chestnut forehead and chin and their distinctive forked tail. If you’d like to learn more about our wonderful swallows, their habits and how to spot them check out the BBC’s top tips here.


Our fluttering friends have also returned in the form of beautiful butterflies after their brief time spent in the cocoon. The UK has over 50 species of butterflies that come in all different shapes, sizes and wonderful colours so keep your eyes peeled whilst out on your daily trot. To find out more about all of our butterfly species you can spot over the summer months, head to the RSPB here and see how many you can spot.

Roe Deer

Now we’re not picking favourites, but the Roe Deer are up there as one of the most exciting creatures to spot around the Park. They are our most common native deer here in the UK and have a solitary existence over the summer. Our doe’s tend to give birth between May and June so you may be lucky enough to lay your eyes on one or two white-spotted kids leaping around the Park. A truly magical sight. We do ask that if you come across any of our Park wildlife – with or without young – that you keep your distance, leave them be and admire them from afar.

To learn more about all the wildlife you can spot during summer at Dalkeith Country Park, head here.

The Natural World

Summer at Dalkeith Country Park Summer at Dalkeith Country Park Summer at Dalkeith Country Park

The Common Spotted Orchid

Of the 50 or so orchids you might see in the UK, the one you are most likely to come across during summer is the Common Spotted Orchid. It can grow up to half a metre high, with a tall pink, white and purple flower spike. Common spotted orchids grow in woodland, marshes and along roadside verges, so they love the Park environment. Keep a look out for these little gems dotted amongst the grassy verges.

Trees & Grass

During summer at Dalkeith Country Park our trees and grass experience a big growth spurt. New leaves and lushes grass provide the Park wildlife with lots of new sources of food for their growing families. Our Oak Woodland is looking particularly picturesque at the moment and is perfect for walking adventure. Check out all of our waymarked walking routes here and plan your next adventure at Dalkeith Country Park.

Summer at the Park

Here at the Park we have lots of new and exciting developments coming your way this summer. Go Ape have recently joined the Dalkeith Country Park family and will be opening their tree top adventures very soon – find out more here. We also have a bouncy addition being added to the Fort Douglas Adventure Playground in Jumping Pillows – jump into summer and book your tickets now. If you fancy a longer stay with us here at the Park, why not check out our summer campsite open from the 2nd to 30th August. And of course our beautiful waymarked walking routes are looking blooming brilliant at this time of year and are definitely worth a day trip. Don’t worry if you forget the picnic, you can always visit our friends at Restoration Yard and pick up your picnic essentials.

We are looking forward to creating wonderful summer memories with you this year. Happy summer watch!