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31st March, 2020

At Dalkeith Country Park, Fort Douglas and Restoration Yard, the safety of our customers and colleagues is our number one priority. It is with a heavy heart that we announce both Restoration Yard and Fort Douglas are now closed until further notice.

The Park remains open for fresh air and exercise either on your own or with members of your household once a day. Please ensure you adhere to the Government’s social distancing instructions and stay at least two metres apart from others.

King’s Gate and Town Gate are closed to all but essential vehicles and we ask that you do not travel to the Park at this time. On the advice of the Police, we have placed cones at the entrance to Town Gate – please do not park here. If we observe that people are not following Government guidelines, we will have no option but to close the Park fully.

Since re-launching in 2016, we have been so grateful for the support of all our wonderful customers and incredible team for making Restoration Yard and Fort Douglas what it is today. We look forward to brighter times ahead and hope that we can continue to support each other through these difficult times by using our online store and wellbeing classes. Thank you.


Our team are working hard to get products added to Restoration Yard’s online store. You’ll find everything from beauty products to fashion, homewares, games, stationery, books and more.


The Wellbeing Lab is closed but we are now offering online yoga classes via Zoom. Check out our classes and sign up here.

Our mental wellbeing is more important than ever as we adapt day by day to our current circumstances. We’ll also share advice from our wellbeing guru, Jen Wood, a wellbeing coach and psychotherapist, to help keep anxiety at bay during these times on our social media. You can view her latest videos here.

For more advice on Coronavirus, see the UK Government website and the NHS website.