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Inception Art Show to Launch at Dalkeith Palace

Inception Art Show to Launch at Dalkeith Palace

18th August, 2021

Introducing Inception. A brand-new art show to be held at Dalkeith Palace.

An exciting new art sales exhibition is launching this September to showcase the work of handpicked British artists. In a world adapting to Covid-19, Inception has been created to allow artists, who have endured extremely tough times over these past 20 months, to collaboratively present their collections to the public. Artists’ collections will be shown in ‘found spaces’ within the wonderful Dalkeith Palace in Dalkeith Country Park. 

Inception Artists

An impressive roll call of respected artists, sculptors and painters have signed up to present their work, including:

  • Frances Bell
  • Kelly Anne Cairns
  • Megan Chapman
  • Christine Clark
  • Walter Dalkeith
  • Domenica Deferranti
  • Katy Eccles
  • Ripley Fine Art
  • William Foyle
  • Jonathan Freemantle
  • Taisir Gibreel
  • Claire Gillie Thompson
  • Frippy Jameson
  • Nancy Macdonald
  • Hatti Pattisson
  • Craig Rae Ferguson
  • Elaine Speirs
  • Christiana Spens
  • Gill Walton


Some of the artists taking part explain in their own words what Inception means to them:

Hatti Pattison

This opportunity of working collaboratively at Dalkeith Palace with a group of amazing artists could not be welcomed more. We are finally doing a show. Hurray! It will be a unique show. I feel invigorated, excited, grateful. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reconnect IN PERSON with artists and with the public coming in and viewing our collections. I cannot wait and feel very grateful to be asked.

Frippy Jameson

The past 18 months have been an interesting time for artists and for me personally there were concerns when exhibitions began to fall away. However, artists are problem solvers, they are resourceful and they are survivors by their nature. I found the positivity and resourcefulness of fellow artists truly inspirational. They found innovative ways to support one another over the last 18 months, in selling work and keeping our community afloat.

Christine Clark

I am absolutely thrilled to be exhibiting alongside my contemporaries in such a unique location. Painters, sculptors, photographers, and ceramists re-emerging into the world, finding light under one exquisite roof. Every human on the planet has experienced this pandemic. Each of us finding our own way through enforced periods of solitude. This feels like a new dawn in so many ways. An exhilarating throwing open of our studio doors to allow fresh air and fresh eyes to join in the celebration of moving forward. 

Taisir Gibreel

I am ecstatic to be exhibiting alongside so many wonderful artists in this stunning location. To be involved with such an exciting new beginning fills me with inspiration and I’m feeling both exhilarated and re-energized.  Inception couldn’t be a more perfect setting to showcase a body of work that was born out of a what can only be described as challenging times. 

Inception Art Exhibition Tickets

Inception will run from Friday 10th to Sunday 12th September, from 10am ~ 5pm, in Dalkeith Palace. Tickets are now on sale, price £2.50. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for Inception news and updates.