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£285,000 Sky Maze opens 9th February 2019 in Fort Douglas

£285,000 Sky Maze opens 9th February 2019 in Fort Douglas

1st February, 2019

Sky Maze is a thrilling sky-high network of twisting, turning walkways, treehouses, ramps, rope bridges and huge slides created for the bravest of young adventurers and their adults.

Designed to set young (and old) imaginations alight, the new section in Fort Douglas is inspired by the original playground at Dalkeith Country Park. Sky Maze is designed to evoke the nostalgia of those who have fond memories of the original playground – renowned for its scope for adventure and sheer height. Sky Maze, with its swinging jungle bridge, invisible floor, scramble net and two five-metre ‘high slides’, recreates the exciting outdoor fun many remember Dalkeith Country Park for and brings it to a new generation.

The new equipment is open to ages five and over while under-fives can play too with adult supervision. The key to Sky Maze is adult interaction as well as independent play so visitors can introduce their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews while reliving their own childhood adventures at Dalkeith.

Remko Plooij, Dalkeith Country Park’s Commercial Director, said:

“We want the new Sky Maze to evoke a sense of nostalgia in those who fondly remember the original Dalkeith Country Park playground, as well as ensuring everyone enjoys plenty of fun and adventure high up in the trees.

“And we’re not just welcoming kids to have all the fun when the Sky Maze opens on 9th February – it will be suitable for adults and one section of it is accessible for assisted wheelchairs, pushchairs and buggies. So anyone who remembers the playground of days gone by can come along and enjoy the fun with the children in their own families.”

Over the next few months we’ll be adding a treasure chest of fancy chest next to the giant picture frame for kids to use for their photos, as well as portrait ‘pop throughs’ of Buccleuch family ancestors, the Duke of Monmouth and Duchess Anna, which will reflect the heritage of the estate in a fun and engaging way.



The Sky Maze build takes the total spend on Fort Douglas adventure park to more than £500,000 since opening, and comes just months after a brand new structure inspired by Dalkeith Country Park’s historic Orangerie – housing exciting zip wires – opened to the public.

The developments are being brought to life by Dalkeith Country Park’s owner, Buccleuch, and playground specialists Capco who also worked on the last expansion of the playground.

Fort Douglas was originally created as part of Buccleuch’s £8.9million investment in Dalkeith Country Park, which also included the redevelopment of the 18th century stables and courtyard into a truly unique retail, food and wellbeing destination, Restoration Yard.

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