Hear from our Park Ranger

Dalkeith Country Park is home to the last remnants of the ancient forest of the Lothians. Find out how our Park team are growing the diversity of the Old Oak Woodland through the use of our very own acorns.

Photography by Kieran Playfair 

Hear from our Park Ranger

Autumnal acorn collection

Here at Dalkeith Country Park, in late autumn, the Park Rangers set out on an acorn collection excursion. Park Ranger, Kieran, tells us “in November 2022 we started to germinate 300 acorns from our own oak trees. We are thrilled to say it has been very successful”

So how have the acorns progressed? Let’s find out!

The Work Continues...

The Park team are now tasked with potting up all of the oak tree seedlings. The hope is that many of the trees will thrive to become veteran oaks and will pass on their value in our SSSI woodland for generations to come.

Looking to find out more about the wildlife and nature that call Dalkeith Country Park home?

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