Go Safe With Ziggy At Dalkeith Country Park

The Scottish Government’s Children’s Road Safety campaign ‘Go Safe with Ziggy’ returns to Dalkeith Country Park on Friday 15 July 2022.

Go Safe with Ziggy

Ziggy visited Fort Douglas last summer to help little ones learn all about road safety and he will return on Friday 15 July to continue spreading the word. Who? Well Ziggy is an alien who has landed here and has learnt all that there is to know about crossing roads and is keen to tell all pre-schoolers all he knows.

The Campaign

‘Go Safe with Ziggy’ is an engaging campaign aimed at pre-school children. Ziggy brings road safety learning to life with a mix of online and offline material for nurseries and schools as well as little books for parents to use with their little ones at home. Free ‘Ziggy’ resources are available for all.

For more information on ‘Go Safe with Ziggy’ click HERE. Early Years road safety with Ziggy: Road Safety Scotland

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