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Friends of Dalkeith FAQs

Friends of Dalkeith FAQs

Thanks for your interest in our Friends of Dalkeith membership. Here are the answers to some of the FAQs our visitors ask:

How much is a Friends of Dalkeith Oak membership?

The membership costs £10 per month and is paid by direct debit. The amount shown at purchase will be slightly higher, depending on the day of the month membership is purchased. This initial payment will cover the period to the end of the following month. Subsequent payments will be £10 per month by direct debit.

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How will I receive my membership card once purchased online?

The e-ticket you receive will allow access & free parking from the moment of purchase. Please bring your e-ticket to the Fort Douglas ticket cabin to be issued with your membership card. Cards are issued daily between 11am to 1pm or 3pm to 5pm.

Is the membership individual or per family?

The membership can be used by all the members of one household, however the membership card is issued with a car registration. Free parking will only be applicable to the car which is registered on the membership.

What information will appear on my membership card?

The card will have a name, car registration number and QR code on it.

Does the Friends of Dalkeith membership allow entry to Fort Douglas?

No, this membership programme is separate to our Fort Douglas memberships, which will be available at the end of June.

What if I want to cancel my direct debit?

You can cancel through your bank or contact us on If a direct debit is stopped membership will be cancelled.

Still have questions? Our team are ready to help – just drop them a line on and they’ll get back to you shortly.