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Managing Anxiety – Day Retreat

Managing Anxiety – Day Retreat

Saturday 26th October, 9:30 am - 4:15 pm

Managing Anxiety – Day Retreat

Does anxiety get in the way of your life and happiness?

Does it lead to negative and irrational thinking?


As a specialist in anxiety, Angie Cameron knows all too well the impact it can have. During this retreat, Angie will take you through a variety of exercises specifically designed to help you make permanent changes to manage and improve your relationship with your anxiety.

It won’t make life’s challenges go away but by restoring your energy levels and showing you the positive effects of self-care, you’ll take the first steps to making a real transformation.

Suitable for beginners and those with experience of mindfulness.

We understand that committing time for yourself won’t be easy – you’ll have other ‘priorities’ and things that seem more important – but trust us. Taking this day just for you will genuinely change your life for the better.

To support your progress after the retreat you will receive recordings of the exercises to use at any time.


Teacher: Angie Cameron – Mindfulness facilitator, trainer and psychotherapist with direction. “Having practiced and taught mindfulness for many years I have seen the remarkable benefits and changes it can bring to people’s lives, including my own.”
Cost: £75




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