Dalkeith Palace Tours

Sunday 07 May - Sunday 14 May

Explore the fabulous historical home of Inception Art Show on a Dalkeith Palace Tour. This tour will explore the fascinating architecture and history of Dalkeith Palace.

Dalkeith Palace Tours

Beyond Inception - Dalkeith Palace Tours

Enjoy an opportunity to tour Dalkeith Palace as we open our doors during Inception Art Show. Commissioned by Anna 1st Duchess of Buccleuch, Dalkeith Palace was designed by architect James Smith, who redeveloped the original medieval castle into a contemporary Palace, rich in history and intriguing stories.

Join our guides as you explore Dalkeith Palace and gain an understanding of the unique history and architecture of this wonderful building. The tour will offer the opportunity to view Inception Art Show, while journeying through Dalkeith Palace.

Once the tour finishes you will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition at your own pace.

Dalkeith Palace Tours are being held daily from 7 to 14 May at 13.30.

Tickets cost £9.50 and include exhibition entry.

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