Inception Curator's Tour

Saturday 06 May - Sunday 14 May

Led by one of the exhibition curators, explore Inception Art Show. Discover the works of the artists, sculptors, photographers and painters exhibiting at Dalkeith Palace and learn how the exhibition has been curated.

Inception Curator's Tour

Join our Inception Curator's Tour

Explore Inception Art Show with one of the exhibition curators. You’ll be introduced to the collection and gain an understanding of the work of Inception artists, sculptors, photographers and painters. This tour will also provide you with the opportunity to explore Dalkeith Palace and learn more about this historic building. Expect behind-the-scenes insights into the planning of the exhibition during this intimate tour.

Once the tour finishes you will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition at your own pace.

Inception Curator’s Tours are being held on 6, 7, 12, 13 & 14 May at 11.00.

Tickets cost £9.50 and include exhibition entry.

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