Sunday 08 Sep - Sunday 06 Oct

This September DalkeithPhoto will present its inaugural month of photography at Dalkeith Palace. With an exciting programme of exhibitions, a major symposium, film screenings and tours.

Exhibition tickets and further information will soon be released.

DalkeithPhoto Exhibition


DalkeithPhoto is an exciting new exhibition running at Dalkeith Palace from 08 September until 06 October 2024.

Featuring an exhibition of The Buccleuch Family Album Collection (first showing), work by Calum Colvin and The Royal Photographic Society touring exhibition ~ Squaring the Circles on Neo Pictorialism ~ including Céline Bodin, Susan Derges, Joy Gregory, Takashi Arai, David and Angela Chalmers, Spencer Rowell, Tom Hunter, Ian Phillips McLaren and David George.

Further information on the full event programme and exhibition tickets will be available shortly.

Buccleuch Collection Boy on Horse

The Buccleuch Family Album Collection

The Buccleuch family has kept photographic family albums, which date from 1860’s into the 20th century. The albums contain a beautiful range of intimate family experiences, formal portraits and facets of the rugged Scottish landscape and life within it. They illustrate the many manifestations of Pictorialism and provide a fitting accompaniment to the RPS exhibition of Neo-Pictorialism ‘Squaring the Circles’ which can be viewed during DalkeithPhoto.

This will be the first time that images from the albums have been explored & exhibited. Each work has been selected, photographed and interpreted from a contemporary viewpoint, by the current Earl of Dalkeith, who continues in a long line of family members fascinated by the power and beauty of the photographic medium.

Calum Colvin

Calum Colvin

The works of Calum Colvin exhibited will complement the historical setting of Dalkeith Palace and include portraits based on the subject of Robert Burns, Lord Byron, Charles Edward Stuart (who stayed here in 1745) and Jacobite heroine Jenny Cameron ~ ‘bold amazon of the north’.

These large-scale works reflect the imposing surroundings and evoke historical contexts of previous artworks displayed on the Palace walls.

A practitioner of both sculpture and photography, Colvin brings these disciplines together in his unique style of ‘constructed photography’: assembled tableaux of objects, which are then painted and photographed.

Tom Hunter

Squaring the Circles

This touring Royal Photographic Society exhibition ~ Squaring the Circles ~ celebrates the beauty and emotional response photography has made in current times. Including issues as far ranging as Alzheimers, cultural identity, depression, religion, representation of the female body, man altered landscape, colonialism, and the plundering of the oceans. New-Pictorialist photography can be made to describe an emotional response to the subject as much as describing the subject itself.

Exhibitors include Susan Derges, Takashi Arai, David George, Ian Phillips McLaren, Spencer Rowell, Joy Gregory, Céline Bodin, Tom Hunter, Angela and David Chalmers. The techniques shown are carbon, cyanotype, photogravure, daguerreotype, gum bichromate, Lith, stereographs, salt printing, kallitype, pinhole digital and c-type prints.

Studies in Photography_Alexander Hamilton

Studies in Photography

Studies in Photography will host a bookshop and exhibit photography from three recently published photographers with books and journals from other exhibiting artists including:

  • In Search of the Blue Flower: Alexander Hamilton and the Art of Cyanotype
  • Dreaming Difference – David Williams
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay: Little Sparta and Collaborations Photographs by Robin Gillanders
  • By Leaves We Live. The annual photographic journal, edited by Sara Stevenson, Maggie Chapman, and Alexander Hamilton. Past contributors to the journal will present photographic work including: Patricia MacDonald, Jennifer Gough-Cooper and Wendy McMurdo.
DalkeithPhoto Symposium with caption

DalkeithPhoto Symposium

Join us for a full day symposium on Saturday 07 September 2024.

A cast of expert speakers will be celebrating and exploring DalkeithPhoto through presentations and conversations. This symposium is a must for anyone interested in contemporary and historic photography.

This exciting event will be held in Dalkeith Palace at the heart of Dalkeith Country Park. As spaces for the symposium are limited we recommend booking early.

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