Dalkeith Country Park Named Heritage Tree Hotspot

Dalkeith Country Park has been revealed as a heritage tree hotspot after experts recorded 500 ancient, veteran and notable oaks over the last year.

Photography | Kieran Playfair 

Heritage Tree Hotspot

The Michael

The oldest and biggest oak on within Dalkeith Country Park is known as “The Michael” which is probably a corruption of the Scots word “meikle” meaning big – although some also link the oak to the 16th Century sailing ship The Michael which was the largest vessel afloat at the time.

The Michael oak would have already been an imposing tree at the time The Michael ship was put to sea from Newhaven in the 1500s.  The Michael oak has multiple stems and may be the result of more than one sapling being planted together.

It has a remarkable girth of 10.3m at 0.8m up the trunk and could be up to 1000 years old.

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