5 Top Tips for Christmas Tree Care

Planning on buying a real tree this Christmas? We’ve got some expert tips to help you keep those pine needles looking and smelling fresher for longer, ensuring you get the most out of your spruce, especially if you’re putting up decorations early this year.

Christmas Tree Care
Christmas trees for sale at Dalkeith Country Park

1. Buy a top quality, fresh tree

If you want a Christmas centrepiece that can withstand more than a few weeks in your home, shopping with quality in mind is a priority. A key way to check the quality of the tree us to inspect the needles, are they flexible and green? Tough needles which snap when bent are a sign of a half-dead tree which won’t stand the test of time.

Get your real Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree from Dalkeith Country Park this year.  Nordmann Fir Trees from Needlefresh are the nation’s favourite Christmas tree with their soft green foliage and great needle holding.


trimming your tree trunk

2. Give your trunk a trim

Once you get your tree home, saw half an inch off the trunk. This will rid your tree of any hardened sap and make sure it can absorb lots of water to stay fresh and green throughout your festivities.

watering the Christmas Tree

3. Keep your tree watered

Water is key to keeping your tree alive throughout the festive season. Make sure you choose a sturdy stand that can hold a good amount of liquid. Your Christmas tree needs to be kept in water at all times, so finding a base with a good well that you can access is important.

Check your tree’s water source every day, you’ll be surprised just how thirsty they can be, drinking upwards of two to three pints a day! Make sure the trunk is nicely submerged for happy and healthy needles.

hugging the Christmas tree

4. Leave out the gimmicks

You might have been told that Coca-Cola or corn syrup in the base helps to keep your tree alive, or maybe the garden centre tried to send you home with special tree food?

Don’t fall for it! Your beautiful tree just wants a constant supply of fresh water, it’s that simple.

nordman fir tree

5. Not too hot, not too cold

Your tree’s natural habitat at this time of year is out in the cold air, minimize the shock of the relocation and keep your tree happy by giving your tree some good distance from the radiator.

Constant heat or fluctuating temperatures can dry your tree out very quickly and if you’re planning to put your tree up very early this year, it’s vital you keep it away from direct heat.

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