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Visitor Access

Visitor Access

The Dalkeith Country Park redevelopment marks an exciting new chapter for Dalkeith. The park’s owner, Buccleuch, would like the new park to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. For many years visitors have enjoyed the use of the park for a small fee, and this will continue with a new pass card and access charge. However, this is not intended as a barrier for responsible users of the park. Please read on to find out more…

Why do we need to charge for access?

The charge ensures Buccleuch continues to comply with the Land Reform Act 2003. The Act allows the park to close its gates when access is charged for. This assists the management of the park and improves security for all park users. Dalkeith Palace continues to be home to overseas students, so we need to ensure the park is safe and secure at night.

What hours will the gates close?

The gates are closed between 7pm and 7am, but pedestrian access is still possible at this time with a Friends of Dalkeith Annual Pass card.

How can I access the park?

The charges are still the same as before with a £1 charge for day visitors. If you’re a regular user of the park, our ‘Friends of Dalkeith Country Park’ annual pass card starts from £10 and enables you to use the park as many times as you like over the year. The annual pass card also gives you access to the park when the gates close at night through a swipe card entry system.

How much are the cards?

The ‘Friends of Dalkeith Country Park’ annual pass cards are £10 per person, with dog walker and family passes (two adults, up to three children) available from £20. If you are a first-time visitor, or do not wish to purchase an annual pass card, the access charge if £1 per person per day, with day tickets available at the Town Gate kiosk. However, if you make a purchase in the shop, cafe or Fort Douglas, a percentage of this sale will count towards access instead. If you’ve already bought a £1 ticket on that day, it will be refunded.

How do I get a pass card?

The ‘Friends of Dalkeith Country Park’ annual pass cards can be purchased in person from the kiosk at the Town Gate which will be open from 9am to 5pm seven days a week to the end of the summer season. Or call us on 0131 654 1666.

Where does my entrance fee go?

The access charge goes towards the general upkeep, management and security of the park. There has been a £7million investment in a new activity park alongside a shop, restaurant and café and the entrance fee will help the management of this in the future.

Which gates will be open and when?

The Town Gate in Dalkeith remains  the main entry and exit route for pedestrians. It is also be the main exit route for public vehicles. The gate is closed to vehicles at night, but the pedestrian gate can be opened out of hours with the ‘Friends of Dalkeith Country Park’ pass card. This gate will also continue to be used as an entry point for local vehicle access, such as the nursery drop off. The King’s Gate will be the main entry route for public vehicles. It will be closed to all visitor at night. The Smeaton Gate and Monkton Gate (East Lothian gates) are for local access only and will continue to be permanently closed to vehicles. Both will have pedestrian gates which will be open during the day and can be opened out of hours with the ‘Friends of Dalkeith’ pass card.


All pedestrian gates will be well lit and covered by CCTV and intercom. Download a map of the park