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Fort Douglas Terms and Conditions (the boring bit)

Fort Douglas Terms and Conditions (the boring bit)

Safety Information

While all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our visitors and to provide information and warning signs, each adult visitor has a responsibility for their own safety and those of their fellow visitors whilst on site. Please note the following whilst at Fort Douglas:

  • All little adventurers need to be accompanied by an adult (we have coffee over there ).
  • You’ll find bathrooms in the Fort Douglas Cabin.
  • Unfortunately dogs are not allowed to go into Fort Douglas.
  • The majority of the equipment in this playground is designed to be moderately challenging. Some items may only be suitable for over 6s (you’ll see a 6+ blue sticker).
  • Big people decide. Only you know the abilities and limitations of the children in your care. Please keep an eye on them and make sure they’re playing safely.
  • Be safe. Keep away from the river banks.
  • Decide on a meeting point in case your group splits up.
  • Please note BBQs are not permitted here.
  • In the event of an emergency, please contact a member of staff or call 0131 654 1666.

Great Adventures Reward Loyalty

With the Fort Douglas loyalty card, visit five times and get your sixth visit absolutely FREE. Don’t forget to bring your card each time you visit and get it stamped at Restoration Yard.